Things I Miss from Working in an Office

This year marked my 5th anniversary as a stay-at-home mom. I have been out of the corporate world for 5 years but it seems longer. Do I regret leaving my corporate career to manage a home and raise the kids? No. Do I miss working in an office? Yes, I do. Let me tell you what are the things I missed from being a working mom.


Of course! I'd be lying if I say that I don't miss the salary I used to have when I was still in the corporate world. The pay helped the family income a lot and I get to spend more on things that I wanted.

A lot of moms are working from home and are earning more than what they used to in the office, and that's great! As for me, I still earn something from a part time job and have settled for what I am earning, because my current season in life demands more mommy time from my kids. I do hope that in 1-2 years I can gradually add more clients and increase the moolah.

Peeing Alone

What, privacy? Never heard about it. LOL! If you're a mom with kids aged 5 and below, you sure know what I am taking about. I. Cannot. Pee. Alone. There is always at least one child inside the toilet with me or I'd usually leave the door open and they are there on the opening, patiently (?!) waiting to finish my thing.

How much I missed peeing alone! At the office,  inside the cubicle. Alone. The doors are locked and I can have a moment of peace with the toilet.

Food Cravings

I was still working when I was pregnant with our eldest, Kuya V. I was the type of preggy wife who wouldn't bother her husband to get me the food I was craving for. I'd easily go to the mall across my office building and buy what I wanted. Even after giving birth, when I was stressed at work, I could easily buy what I was craving for. Hey, I'm a stress eater, judge me all you want. Haha! 

With my second and third pregnancies, the life savers I had were food deliveries - and yes the late night pasalubongs of the husband that I've waited for all-day long.

With three rowdy kids who I would want to eat more healthy food and me slipping some unhealthy ones just to "feed" my sanity during chaotic days, it would be easier if I was working away from home.

Combing Hair

I do own a comb, right? Wait. Lemme check my stuff.

Oh, hey, there you are! I haven't used you for a long time! 

Finger combing is the new thing for stay-at-home moms.

Vacation/Sick Leaves and Time Outs

I loved the idea of filing my vacation leaves then, not so much for sick leaves because I can convert those to cash at the end of the year if I haven't used them.

Whenever you are so stressed or sick, you can file for a leave, or just step out for a breather and be away from those emails, meetings, negative people, and what-have-yous. 

But if you are a stay-at-home mom, there are no leaves, no timeouts. You can't walk out of the house, have coffee at a shop and leave the kids alone at home. For girl dates, you need to make sure that the Husband doesn't go crazy while being left with kids. Luckily I have a husband who is a good cook, so one of the important details of handling kids is covered. 

For moms who are still breastfeeding and have clingy babies and toddlers, it's even harder to leave the house. And when you leave, you'd be looking consciously at your watch every fricking few minutes because you are so worried about the babe you left at home.

Last year when I attended a Christmas party and could not bring the baby, I was so worried because Bunso was crying and looking for me, they just can't comfort him. When I got home he was so tired of crying he slept right away in my arms. I have not left Bunso since then. If an event can't accommodate Bunso, I decline automatically. 


Weee! It's Ber months again.

I so missed shopping alone. 

As a working mom way back more than 5 years ago, my Christmas shopping started early. I would usually leave the house 30 minutes earlier than my usual schedule so that I could use it to scout the mall before I report for my shift. Ah, the wonders of actually touching, inspecting, and buying something.

Now as SAHM with no helper, my life savers are Lazada and Shopee. These apps help a lot and I have no qualms. But still, I miss the usual mall shopping.

When we go to malls now, I always have at least 1 kid with me. While browsing the shelves, one would say he's hungry or the other one would want to pee. Or you are more focused on watching over your kids because you are afraid of sick people you read from the news who do bad things to kids.

Kaya online shopping na lang muna.

This is just a season in my life with young kids. Eventually they will grow up and I'd be able to do again these things I missed. And the things we do now: the guards at my toilet, the mess, the stress, the clinginess - all of these and more, I will surely miss in the future.

For now I have to suck it up and enjoy the ride with the kids. They are my everything and I can do anything for them.

*Grabs a chocolate bar* 


  1. nakakamiss nga naman talaga magwork .ako din namimiss ko na pero mas priority ko na kasi si baby .

  2. As SAHMs we may not do what we like to do alone but being with our kids all the time is something that money can't buy! Let's enjoy the spontaneous ride!

  3. Yeah nakaka-miss talaga ang salary. Pwede ko e-treat ang kids ko sa gusto kong cafe but I still enjoy being SAHM. ^_^

  4. I’m honestly enjoying my time as a stay at home mom, but I have to admit I miss working too. I miss the lunch outs, shopping after work, and chitchats with my colleagues. Difficult days at home make me miss these things even more. But my kids are my priority. Sooner or later, the difficult days will be the ones I’m gonna miss, so yeah.. let’s just enjoy the ride! :) Cheers, momma!

  5. Cielo Jonna: Kamiss na magwork at magkaroon ng sariling pera..

  6. Me too, i miss as a working Mom, it was 2 years ago. Yes the salary. Napakasarap sa pakiramdam nun nakakapag bgay ka sa pamilya at nabbili at nakakain un mga gusto. But now kelangan budget na budget. Hehehe. But no regrets, with 4 kids, 14, 7, 3, 2 i dont think kaya ko pa sila pagsabayin. Natatakot ako kumuha ng yaya kasi kukulit ang mga anak ko hehehe baka ma maltrato pa sila. Kaya i really enjoyed being SAHM..

  7. Yes namimiss ko ng magwork..kc my sariling pera pero mas masaya din kc kung focus ka din sa pag aalaga ng baby mo at asawa mo..lalo na kung ikaw mismo naghahanda ng breakfast,lunch at dinner nila..mas lalo na kung na aapreciate ni hubby mga ginagawa mo.gaganahan ka lalo๐Ÿ˜

  8. Waaahhh at dahil nabasa ko bigla akong napaisip na gusto ko na ulit mag work. Pero sa kabila ng pagiging SAHM ko masaya naman ako na nasusubaybayan ko ang paglaki ng mga anak ko. Iba parin kasi pag nakikita mo ung development nila at ikaw mismo nadidiscover mo ung kakayahan nila habang lumalaki sila.
    PS. Un lang wala akong sariling pera nyahahah :)

  9. Cheers Mommy๐Ÿ‘ Turning 5 narin ako since i left the other world. Regrets? Nope . Thankful yes but am missing those on your list and many more ๐Ÿ‘
    SALARY- yes yes lalo na now na 3 na sila, malaking bagay to help the husband financially. But i won't trade the experience, this bonding, cuddling time and watching each milestones ng kiddos to anything. Sabi mo nga Mommy, season lang eto ed the kids and someday we'd be able to do things we missed.
    PEEING ALONE- YES! yes to this haha! why on earth this kids are acting like we will vanish the moment we enter the comfort room. I find them sneaking up pa on the floor outside to check on us and scream๐Ÿ˜‚ But i love it. I gave in sometimes.
    FOOD CRAVINGS- guilty ako na spoiled pagdating dito. I am preggy kay 2nd and when i gave birth ayun nag sahm na ko. Until after 2yrs nasundan si 2nd. I can treat myself kasi sa likod lang kami ng SM Bf homes. We always had our lunch or when i crave for something.
    COMBING HAIR- uh oh! My husband would always make this remark- magsuklay ka naman buhol buhol na at mhirapan kana nman..Wd 3 kids at home? i admit i dont have time doing that so whenever i need to go out, tied it up or took me almost an hour in the bathroom to untangle my crowning glory. Yes to finger combing๐Ÿ‘
    VACATION/SICKLEAVE/TIMEOUTS- i am saddened that i dont have any of these ,lol๐Ÿ˜‚. My main concern is when i get sick, life goes on. Minsan hubby files a leave when am terribly sick bec being a stay at home mom and yayaless, i have plenty of things to do day by day plus Kuya goes to school to . Time outs? After giving birth to my 2nd child, i am devoted to breastfeed her kaya going out is really hard for me. When bunso arrived, i tandem feed na kaya going out should be done very quick or i need to tag along both of them.
    SHOPPING- we go to the malls on weekend para mailabas din kids and minsan grocery trips narin.
    I am enjoying this journey, fullfilling and rewarding though undeniably there are ups and downs.

  10. After also reading all the comments.. us moms miss one thing in common... SALARYYYYYY ๐Ÿ˜… All those money spent guilt-free. Ngayon kasi I spend lip's salary on our baby's stuff. Tas yung damit ko wash-and-wear nalang hehe. Nakakahiya kasi (para sakin) to spend because its not my OWN salary. Lahat ng nabanggit mo mommy Kat, its like you mentioned what I actually miss hehe. 13months palang yung baby ko pero kadalasan kasama ko na sya sa banyo para mag cr kasi di ko maiwan sa labas dahil walang kasama.

    I miss my old life, yes. But I am definitely happy with my new life as a mommy. Tama ka, for now, we have to suck it up and enjoy the ride. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. I really miss my previous job, but I'm really happy with my own kids, with your experiences completely like my own. I am practicing blogging to have money for family life, hoping I will be as successful as you are

  12. Naiinggit po ako sa inyo... For now po kasi I am working mom.. Na malayo po sa akin ang mga anak ko.. Na hindi ko po nasubaybayan ang paglaki nila, ang mga achievements nila sa school.. Pero, wala eh.. Kailangan ko po kumayod para sa kinabukasan po nila.. Alam ko po mas masarap sa pakiramdam na kasama ang mga anak pero paanu? kung gutom naman abutin namin.... Kaya po sa ngayon, tiis tiis muna.. Malalagpasan ko din po ito.. At makakasama ko na uli mga anak ko..

  13. Agree momsh . Sobrang namimiss ko po mag work, kaso wala talagang bantay sa anak ko lalo na hirap humanap ng katuLong ngayon at mag tiwala sa di mu talaga kilala so instead na mag work ako babantayan ko nLang anak ko , napapaisip din ako minsan na back to work na para naman matulungan na rin si hubby sa financial kask iniisip ko lang anak ko kaya nag plaplan po ako ngayon mag online business nlang


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