Time To Save a Life 2K17 Outreach Program

Last September 3, Lovehopefaith Group (LHF) held their outreach program with their beneficiaries at the First RVC Building in Anonas Quezon City. Wearing my Life Saver Shirt and Life Saver Watch, I attended the event which was filled with laughter, games, prizes, inspirational talks, and magic.

More than 50 kids with their parents and guardians were the special guests of the event.

Employees of LHF, friends, and families joined together to make this special day for the kids a reality.

To help the event, LHF got help from a few kind-hearted souls who signed up at their FB page when they asked for volunteers.

The afternoon was started with a prayer led by Ms. Flor Pangan and was followed by performances including one with LHF President Joel Pangan and his team.

The program was hosted by a clown with his team of magicians, face painter, and a mascot.

Adult guests lined-up at the buffet area for food while the kids were served at their tables.

After eating, the kids were entertained by a magician. The smiles and laughter of the kids filled the room and it was such a joy to witness that wonderful moment.

During this time, I learned that one of the beneficiaries that was not able to attend the event just passed away. It made me teary-eyed just thinking of how much pain the child has to go through with cancer. I am a mom and I already panic sometimes when my kids get fever but the parents of these children with cancer are remarkable and truly heroes to their kids. I admire these parents so much.

LHF invited Michael Angelo "Mitch" Genato, CEO of Romlas Health Group, who shared vital knowledge on how to help our bodies healthy through the food we eat. Parents of the cancer patients were all ears as Mr. Genato gave lots of tips to help them help their children fight cancer.

Mark Pagaduan, a Catholic preacher, gave the beneficiaries and their parents a prayer booklet, gave an inspirational talk, and prayed over the children and their families.

Another group of volunteers also provided the beneficiaries with gifts. The kids lined-up patiently as they received their goodies.

For the last activity, the children made their dreamboards through the help of the LHF employees and volunteers. It was fun to see them draw their dreams. Some kids drew themselves as police officers, doctors, nurses, while others drew themselves as Iron Man, Hello Kitty, and believe it or not, one dreams to be a dragon.

A few of the best dreamboards were chosen and given prizes.

To close the program, LHF employees serenaded the night with a song by Yeng Constantino, "Hawak Kamay."

Where am I? LOL! With my LHF family :)

We have been supporting LHF in the past years because we believe that everyone of us can make a difference in someone's life even by just buying products that help support the medication of kids with cancer.

You, too, can help. To know more about Lovehopefaith and to order, visit their website www.lovehopefaithgroup.com

I have also written several articles about them here, here, and here.

The time to save lives is now.

And we can all save lives.

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