Review: SK-II Pitera Welcome Kit

Stress, inadequate exercise, poor diet, and poor sleeping habits have made my skin dull and dry. I have sensitive skin and choosing the right skin care that is gentle and that works is important for me. I want the product to be able to strengthen my skin and enhance its resilience to premature aging. Hence I was really excited to try SK-II.

sephora philippines

Sephora online

SK-II is not yet available at malls in the Philippines. They are, however, available online through Sephora PHs website - a trusted brand in beauty. And it is so easy to purchase. You can order using your website, mobile, or thru their app.

All items are shipped from Singapore and delivery of your order is 5-10 business days. Another great thing about shopping via is that all relevant import taxes and duties are included in the final order purchase price, so you don't have to pay any dues at customs.

You can also track your package online.

Oh, and I also got a free beauty mask with my order.


Scientists of SK-II spent over a decade to discover the astounding secret ingredient to beautiful skin - known as Pitera™ It is a natural bio-ingredient that contains over 50 micro nutrients. It is an original ingredient of SK-II & only made in Japan.

Here's what I ordered from Sephora: An SK-II Pitera Welcome Kit

sk-II philippines

I haven't tried SK-II before so I opted to get their welcome kit priced at Php4290. It is a 3-step introduction kit must-haves to achieve glowing skin. The kit includes Facial Treatment Essence 75ml, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml, and RNA 15g. Used together it promises to make skin become firmer, smoother, and more radiant. 

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
This essential step clarifies skin and prepares it for the rest of your skincare routine.

SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Facial Treatment Essence
This essence has been garnering awards all over the world for its benefits. The essence gently exfoliates and help moderate the skin’s surface renewal cycle. It promises to make spots less visible, reduce wrinkles, refine skin texture, and improve firmness is improved.

sk-II philippines
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

RNA helps to strengthen skin and enhance its resilience to multiple signs of aging.

SK-II RNA cream

I have been using these products for 4 days now. I have noticed that the products do not have any strong scents.

The RNA is a revelation! I thought that a few dots would not be enough to cover my skin but it proved me wrong. A little of it goes a long way. 

After application, my skin felt moisturized without the sticky feel which I think is important for those who live in hot and humid places like the Philippines.

I don't see any visible changes on my skin yet but I feel that it is supple and moisturized even after staying inside an airconditioned room for 8 hours. I am excited to see the wonderful results in a few days!

Cate Blanchett, one of their brand ambassadors, has been using SK-II for more than a decade already. She's almost 50 and yet her skin looks so good.

SK-II got great reviews from its users. It may be a bit pricey for others though.

I look forward to getting a more resilient and beautiful skin in the coming days by continuously using SK-II.

How about you, have you tried an SK-II product? What was your experience?

*Sephora Philippines sent over these products for my review. All opinions expressed are mine and based on my experience. Here's my full disclosure.


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