Homeschool Update July 2017

It's 11PM and finally all my kids are asleep. I can finally go back and prepare for the week before I hit the sack but I opted to drink Yakult and started typing on my phone instead. It's been a month since we started the school year and not much has happened.

Hello, grade school!

Been homeschooling V since he was born and now that he's in elementary, I need to step-up my game in terms of teaching him. Ikaw nga nila, big school na eh. Dami na subjects!

We are still enrolled with our homeschool provider, Peniel Christian Academy.

Last school year we got all his books from the homeschool provider. This year however I had to cut on our expenses and have to rely heavily on online resources. I have asked friends online for preloved Grade 1 books they are selling and I was lucky to have scored a few, with some of them for free! :)

The books for subjects we didn't have, and which I thought were important, were bought from the provider.

Wala naman kaso ang paggamit ng gamit na libro kasi almost same lang ang curriculum ng Kinder and Grade 1. At sa teknolohiya na meron tayo, madali na lang makakuha online ng libreng worksheets at mga inspirasyon sa pagtuturo.

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

We struggled a lot last year when we only had Z, our toddler, to join and mess our activities. This year, a clingy baby named Ignis has joined the mix.

I don't know already where to draw the time to prepare the lessons and materials, to conduct the activities, nor the follow-throughs.

Vito pa minsan doesn't want to cooperate. He'd prefer to play with his toys or would make excuses, or asks if he can do it at a later time.

Wala na nga time masyado para maisingit ang pagtuturo at activities, ayaw pa makisama nung bata kapag may oras kami na maisisingit!

Follow the Child

Whenever I have been stressing on our schedule, lessons, and activities whenever we are "behind," I stop and reflect.

Bakit ka ba naiistress??

I would often tell myself (again and again) the reasons why we homeschool. Pag may bad days kailangan may baon kang arsenal to pick you up.

If there's nothing I can do to change my situation, I can certainly do something to change my attitude.

I have to remind myself that my child is a unique person and should not be expected to be the same as other kids. That I should not go to where the path is but create paths for him. Na hindi sya behind sa iba. Na hindi kami late. Na hindi ito contest. Walang race. Walang medalya.

We homeschool because we believe in nourishing him with the kind of education that is fit for him; of what is beneficial and interesting for him.

Lately he's been saying he wants to do business and do this and that. And that's what he should get. Kailangan namin gumawa ng paraan para matulungan sya sa gusto nya. That we need to keep the fire burning. Ika nga sa isang 90's commercial, "suportahan ta ka."

And so this is my approach lately. Relax lang. Chill. We may be behind on what's supposed to be in our calendar, but we are never behind learning.

A child learns on everything he sees, hears, smells, and touches. He learns science and math while playing with his toys. He learns values education and araling panlipunan by socializing with his family and discussing current events. He learns Filipino and English through our conversations and when he reads storybooks. He learns MAPEH when his Papa teaches him how to box, while singing, and cooking. He LEARNS everywhere.

Kids are sponges.

Kids learn when they are ready to learn.

When it comes to Z, I'm more relaxed. I don't panic and get stressed that she'll be behind other kids of the same age as she is. Natuto ako sa paghohomeschool through the years na di kailangan magpadala sa agos. Kids are unique at kasama dun ang learning capabilities and readiness. Kaya chill lang tayo, anak.


  1. Haha! Relate ako dito sa post mo Ms. Kat! I have a 4 yr old na independently homeschooled and a 1 yr. old. Chill lang talaga. Minsan napapahaba ang time na mag-chillax pero pag naman ready na yung bata, ang bilis naman ng pick-up. When they're interested in something, they learn faster than what's expected. For example na lang ung 4 yr. old ko last year I started teaching her how to read. Feeling ko ang bagal ng progress... pero early this year nagulat na lng ako na that she can read na. That only means she wasn't ready last year... but this year, grabe yung progress nya. So happy with homeschooling.

    1. Sorry for the super late reply.

      Yes! They are ready when they are ready. Tayo yung naiistress madalas. Haha! :) Enjoy homeschooling! :)


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