Ready, Set, Push?

It's almost midnight and here I am writing a personal blog post about my pregnancy while my first born is sleeping soundly beside me and the little one inside me is busy kicking and somersaulting. Got a pair of earphones plugged and listening to Eraserhead's "With A Smile."

I'm in the final stretch of my gestation and will pop anytime soon (hopefully not yet in the next 4 weeks). I reckon this is a good time to document the ups and downs of this pregnancy.

Last time, I shared with you the good news that Little V will soon be a big brother. We started this pregnancy with worries because of the bleeding I experienced. Thankfully through prayers, rest, and medication we were able to pull through and the bleeding stopped.

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32 weeks pregnant

The first trimester was something different than what I experienced when I had Little V - this time it's sobrang arte arte. I was exhausted most of the time, moody, acidic, nauseous, and lazy. I was very picky of the food I eat because I can't stand the smell of some of them. I suddenly can't stand the smell of fried food and sinigang. The all-day sickness persisted until the latter weeks of my 4th month of pregnancy.

Another thing I noticed with my behavior that time was that I was very melancholic to a point that I find myself crying over petty things. I also became a suspicious and a very jealous wife. I don't usually mind if my husband doesn't text back to my message, or if he spends some time with work colleagues or friends. He's a home buddy, rarely goes out with his friends, tells me where he is; and most of the time he's home on the time he said he'd be home. So in our five years of marriage, I was never bothered by it. But during the first quarter of this year, I found myself jealous of any lady who comes near him. I even opened and checked his Facebook. Hahaha! That pathetic, I know! Found nothing fishy, really. 

Me and my hormones. 

I confessed to my Hubby all of these and I am happy that he responded to it positively with reassurances of his love and fidelity. Thankfully all the drama ended when I entered the 5th month of my pregnancy.

With all the changes that I had to go through on the first 4 months, I already had a hunch on what the gender of my baby is. The symptoms were so different from my first pregnancy and I just felt that I am carrying a baby girl. In my ultrasound in the 5th month, it confirmed that I am indeed carrying a baby girl. Yay!

Madrama ako ng ilang buwan eh so babae nga!

Little V was right when he said he'll have a baby sister! 

Almost there!

We also found out in the scan that my baby's position is breech and that I have placenta previa. My placenta was totally covering the cervix which probably explained some of the pain I experienced then when I get too tired. This feeling made me even more lazy to get up and do some chores or a stroll.

When the morning (err day) sickness was over, gluttony came. I finally had the appetite to eat and I did eat A LOT. If i was very careful with my diet on my first pregnancy, this time I was careless. I ate junk food, had soda, processed food, fastfood, iced tea, and sweets that I baked.  Before getting pregnant, I only eat 1-2 cups of rice a day. But during the 5th month of my pregnancy, I was eating rice twice as much as I normally do.

I was lazy to move and was eating too much. In just a span of 3 weeks, I gained 4 kilos. My OB was shocked. To make matters worst, my blood test showed that I have gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). And I have urinary tract infection (UTI).

Placenta previa, breech, gestational diabetes, UTI. Hakot awards ng risks 'te??

I got really worried of my and baby girl's health. I had to make a change. I have to.

So I had medications for my UTI, raised my legs so that baby will position correctly and the placenta will go up (this has no scientific evidence but had to rely on paniniwala ng mga matatanda). I  also saw an endocrinologist for my GDM. I prayed really hard to God and claimed that He will make everything all right.

My endocrinologist advised me to monitor my blood sugar 3-4x a day for a week. So I had to purchase my own blood glucose monitor (got one of the cheapest at 2k pesos), lancets, and test strips (a strip costs around Php23 each). It's expensive but I have to do it for my baby. Bawal kuriputin ang kalusugan. My diet was also planned and was advised to monitor my caloric intake. I downloaded an app to help me compute the calories. I also made sure that I am mobile to pump up my metabolism.

After a week, my doctor decreased  the frequency of monitoring to 2-3x a day.

I've been continuously monitoring my blood sugar for more than a month now and I am happy to say that I don't have to take regular insulin shots (unless really needed). Other tests showed that I am doing well balancing my diet. Yay! Doc said my sugar can be controlled by my diet. Thank you Lord!!

My latest ultrasound and non-stress tests also showed good news. I no longer have placenta previa, baby girl is properly positioned, her size is not too big for her gestational age, and she's reactive. God is so good!

I continue to pray that the baby will steadily gain weight (and not be too big) until the D-day.

Quite frankly, with just a few weeks left, I am still not ready with the baby's arrival. My plans of purchasing baby items last May were placed on hold because of the additional expenses incurred to control GDM. Good thing I had some clothes purchased previously and my mom also got her first girl apo some items, too. Last week I finally got to order online her crib and beddings. While yesterday at the mall after my doctor's appointment, I checked the items I need to purchase and their prices. I'll just get those when Hubby's with me so he'd carry  them for me. And yeah, I'm also waiting for gifts from family and friends. Haha! I accept hand-me-downs, praktikal lang.

Padala nyo na yan, nagaantay ako! LOL!

I am so giddy looking at adorable girly clothes available online. I am even more excited to see her when she becomes a year older and wears dresses and  those adorable toddler hair accessories from Zalora Marketplace. 

I am thrilled to have this baby. We all are. Little V has always been asking us when his sister will cone out. We feel so blessed by this little angel.

See you soon, baby. But not too soon, okay?
Just stay put in there until our scheduled C-section. We love you!


  1. Hi Kat! Wow! Super lapit na! I didn't know about the GDM. Grabe, I also had it when I was preggy with Rio. I discovered how you can live without sugar in your diet and still enjoy your meals! No cakes and pastries for me. Oatmeal lang for breakfast for my entire pregnancy. Actually, I'm trying to practice my preggy eating rituals now. Sana it will work. Ingats and enjoy the remaining weeks of your preggy journey.

    1. Hi Nads! Thank you! It's amazing what diet can do to our bodies, noh? Mas mukha pang manas ako 3 months ago than now. I think I'll also follow the diet after I give birth. Kaya natin ito. Aja! ;)

  2. Kat! Lapit na! Good to know that all is going well. We will include you in our prayers. So excited for baby girl.

  3. this post bringing back memories of my tummy somersault, too. thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Congrats!(: Hope you'll have a smooth and safe delivery! God bless!!

  5. Good luck with the delivery! I'm sure she'll be a very healthy baby :) I give you prayers that when the D-Day comes it will not be taking you a longer time for labor.. :)

  6. Wow baby girl! Let's pray for a safe delivery..

  7. Congrats sa coming very soon na baby girl! Good luck with the delivery! Kinilig ako nung nakita ko ung big tummy mo...

  8. Congratulations, its a girl! Praying for a safe delivery and rest assured by God's grace and mercy everything will be okey :)
    Quota na pero pwede pang sundan for baby #3...hehehe

  9. Wow..this brings me back! Hoping for a healthy delivery!

  10. That's true! Madrama din ako nung pregnant ako with our baby girl... totally different when I am pregnant with my son, haha!

  11. Lapit na!! Praying for a safe delivery and a bouncing baby. :)


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