My Experience: Blogapalooza 2014

The Blogapalooza for this year finally pushed through! The biggest business-to-blogger event was supposed to have commenced in September but because of a storm, it had been moved to October 11. The wait was all worth it as I had a great time at the event.

Blogapalooza was organized by When In Manila to link businesses and a community of people who love to share. This year is my first time to attend this event and as a former event organizer myself, I admire the smooth organization of the affair. So, thank you and congratulations to When in Manila!

The occasion happened at the SM Aura SMX Convention Center in Taguig City and lasted from 10AM to 8PM. There were at least 30 booths from different small and big businesses who partnered with Blogapalooza. The venue was big that I was only able to have a thorough discussion with a few of them - Brain Fit Studio,, Dr. Kong, Eat Out Manila, Niu by Vikings and Look It's About Me. As much as I'd like to stay at the other booths and connect with them, it's either the booths are filled with bloggers or the booth representative didn't have much to say.

I had to leave in the late afternoon and was unable to finish the whole stretch or attend the raffle. If the venue was a mere 1 hour travel from my house, I would have stayed longer. But it was a Saturday and the traffic was terrifying that my regular 1.5 hours travel time ran longer than expected (take note, I even took the Metro Rail which was a faster alternative than taking a cab). Although it was a very tiring day, it was filled with experiences of connecting with different brands that I'd like to blog about in the future.

Let me bomb you with photos from the event.

blogapalooza wheninmanila
Booths at the Blogapalooza 2014. Event place at SM Aura SMX Convention Center

SM Aura Convention Center
One of my favorite booths where I won awesome prizes. Visiting the booth are fellow bloggers
from Mommy Bloggers Philippines - Mel of,
Marie of, and Rikka of

More booths! I was able to try the feet assessment by Dr. Kong,
photo shoot at Canon, and the Root Beer Float variant of Chips Ahoy!

Maxene Magalona gives a short talk about Flawless

Decorated my own donut at the Krispy Kreme booth

We were also invited by Niu (pronounced as nee-uh) by Vikings, the newest addition to the Vikings group of buffet restaurants. This one is located on the 6th floor of SM Aura Premiere.

Niu by Vikings is a posh-looking restaurant that boasts of its nine different stations of different types of meals. They also have a vast array of refreshments from tea, sake, wines to beers.

SM Aura Premiere

Everything tastes great! I also loved the green mint tea I had.

Niu by Vikings has an ambiance similar to those of hotel buffet restaurants.
I really liked their furniture and architectural design, the overlooking view of BGC,
and tableware for kids. The highlight of my afternoon at Niu by Vikings was meeting
Bogart the Explorer and having a photo op with him.

buffet restaurant
Delectable! And look at the cutlery!

sm aura premiere niu by vikings
A pleasure spending time with these mommies from Mommy Bloggers Philippines.
May, Jhanis, Mel and Marie (the one taking the pic)
Photo Credit to

The reason I was eager to attend this event was to connect with different brands that I would like to write about in my blog. Not all booths though were able to provide media kits for the bloggers. Some only gave out flyers which did not contain much information. I really appreciate the organizations who gave well-thought media kits for us. These would help us write about them. I haven't read every media kit yet but I've already pointed out at least one that I'll write about. Watch out for that. :)

Media kits from the different companies

Euca Lift balm. My tired legs felt so relieved after using this.
Thank you, Bio Essence!

mommy bloggers philippines
Prizes and giveaways. My favorite? The book about brain fitness by Brain Fitness Studio and
the Euca lift balm by Bio Essence

It was nice to meet the different people behind the blogs that I've been reading. Special shout-out to the mommies from Mommy Bloggers Philippines and my former work colleague, Nancy, for accompanying me. You were all amazing.

I had a great time and I'll definitely attend next year's event!


  1. Nice to finally meet you at the event even if we were not really able to make a lot of chika, I hope to see you again next year! :)

    1. It was a pleasure meeting you, Jhanis! :-) See you next year

  2. Hi sis. Thanks for gamely posing with me at the event. I was the one who asked for your signature for a challenge! I love your blog ♥

    1. Hi Theresa! Thank you for your kind words. It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again! :-)

  3. Hope to be with you and with our other mommy blogger friends next year. I'm so lucky to be with Mamanee. Bitin nga ang chickahan!

    1. I think all of us felt na super bitin ang chickahan! LOL! See you soon, SJ! :-)

  4. Hi Kat. So happy to see you again after how many years. :-)


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