Philippine Science Centrum

Ever since I've moved back in QC, I've always wanted to visit the Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) in Marikina. I've seen the learning center been featured a couple of times in a local TV morning show and I would love to bring Little V to explore science thru experiential learning. PSC is on my lists of go-to places for our homeschool field trips that's why when mommy bloggers were invited to visit PSC, I signed up right away.

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) heads PSC - one of its programs designed to promote science and technology consciousness among the Filipino youth. Unknown to many, PSC has been a favorite field trip destination since 1990. In February 2015, the learning center will celebrate it's silver anniversary.

PSC Galleries

Six exhibits were shown to us by Robert, our science guide that morning. We started with the Vision and Perception gallery where my son wanted to join the magic mirror. 

Robert and his magic mirror

In the Space Gallery, we compared our weights on the different planets. The Human Gyro ride is another feature in this gallery where one can try to feel how it is to tumble in space. 

human gyro ride
Human Gyro Ride

Little V and the other kids of mommy bloggers played around the Mechanics Gallery. Glad to know that the area for swings are padded with rubber mats.

Here are some of the exhibits we checked out:
Frozen Shadow. That's us!

Little V watching his shadows dance in living color

Ring Bubbles

There are so many exhibits that both kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy at PSC. 

But I think the favorite part of the kids that day was Kids' World. It was a huge air-conditioned playground catered to little ones. There's a slide, rock wall, blocks, monkey bars, a market place, reading and art corners. Please note that an additional fee of Php50 (30 mins) for walk-ins, and Php10 (10 mins) for booked tickets are required to use this room. Bring socks, too.

kids world
Kids' World

The kids also joined in science experiments held at the Science Hall.

Centrum Ooze

Little V experimenting

The galleries in PSC are not air-conditioned so be prepared for a possible warmer environment. Although there are fans all over the place, it can get really hot specially during summer. Bring towels, water, and extra shirts.

Aside from the center in Marikina, PSC also has travelling science exhibitions aimed to reach more communities in the country. These caravans feature replicas of the interactive exhibitions found in Marikina.

In addition, PSC conducts trainings and seminars for teachers. These activities are for science teachers in the primary and secondary levels. I hope in the future, they can invite homeschooling moms to attend these, too.

PSC is also open to birthday party celebrations. Scientific packages are available depending on your needs.

birthday party
Party Packages

We had a great time despite the heat! Since our visit, my son has been asking me to bring him back there. That's the spirit, little one! Hello, Science!

Thanks to the generosity of PSC, I'm raffling off entrance passes! Please read the terms below:

  • Open to Metro Manila, Cavite and Bulacan residents only
  • All entries will be verified
  • Winners will be notified through email

Good luck!

Philippine Science Centrum

marikina riverbanks entrance fee
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  1. When I was still a highschool student, (I'm a college student, I really really love Chemistry! It felt so mysterious and intriguing to me. The elements (I love to memorize each elements' acronym!), the experimentations and how chemistry helps us in our everyday life. :-)

    1. Chemistry was my fave too in HS! :) But then it got complex in college. Haha! :)


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