15 Days of Social Media Detoxing


I have passed more than 2 weeks of social media detox. Quite frankly, it was refreshing.

Before I turned 40 this year, I bought a book by Cal Newport, "Deep Work." I knew in my mind and heart that I have not been efficient at home. Chores are piled up, we are behind homeschool, I feel tired and unaccomplished, and I am not playing much with the kids. I was torn inside. Cal Newport's interview video that I saw on YouTube finally gave me the idea to quit social media. I have been thinking about this for a long time but for so many reasons I just couldn't.

My husband noticed that it took me forever to finish the new book when in the previous years I can finish one in one sitting (or two, depending on the needs of babies). I was unfocused. And I found myself looking at my phone every too often. 

It had to stop.

I had to take charge of myself. So before March 1st, I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Cal's book mentioned that I do not need to uninstall the apps just be more aware of usage. I was still using Facebook for my part-time work but I only open the pages of my client. Therefore, I can uninstall my Facebook and TikTok apps on my phone. I have an account on Twitter but I don't use it really.

This post is just a quick reminder for me in the future should I look back. That living without social media is possible, even for a blogger (and yeah, a semi-influencer in that case). It may take away the possibilities of collaborations since I am not active, but that's OK for me. I really wanted to have a break from the technology and focus on my kids.

It is also important to note that my focus has improved. This can get better if I work harder on it.

So far I have some projects at home that I have started, I was able to submit the homeschool grades on time, and get to know more about the kids. Plus, I cook almost 100% of the time which gives my husband some free time to work on his skills (Support the husband! Woohoo!).

I am half-way through my detox program. I can do this 30-day challenge. And who knows if in the future I finally decide to leave social media? I still have blogs to write and share, besides this is where I started anyway. 

I will update you about my social media detox on www.katsantiagoph.com so make sure to follow me there, too.