Supplementing Homeschool with Online Games

It may be weird to some but as a homeschooling family, we look for different ways how our kids can learn, including online games. Yes, online games. We believe that games whether it may be a board game, manipulative, or digital, kids learn values, language, and critical thinking such as strategies through these. Let me also note that it is important that we discern as parents which games are appropriate and beneficial to our children. 

Games my Children Play

A few years ago I was amazed at how a homeschool mom teaches her kids through the board and digital games. They even refer to it as game-schooling or game-based learning. Since then, I have looked differently at playing. Playing games is not just for fun, but it develops skills in children and adults. 

Children learn through play.

We have a number of board games at home that includes Monopoly, Scrabble, Games of the General, Chess, and the Filipino card games, Anyare?. I have to admit that it takes effort for the whole family to play a game. If one child wants to play but the other kids would rather not, we tend to push our board games into the shelves instead.

And then there are digital games. My two younger kids are allowed to play mobile games/apps appropriate for their ages for an hour and supervised. While our 10-year-old plays a MOBA game with his dad and godfathers. Again, with supervision.

Though there are positive results in playing, there are games out there that are not appropriate for the level of understanding of our children. I mean, even kiddie shows have characters that have traits that are not admirable that we have to explain to the kids what is wrong and what is right with what they are watching. So as parents, we need to make sure that what we are handing to our kids is good for them.

As for me, I personally prefer web games since they do not take too much memory on our gadgets. 

Positive Effects of Digital Games on Children

Parents may frown about video games especially that there are articles that refer to digital games as detrimental to the health of players. However, there are studies and articles that suggest that there are positive effects of games on children. Games enhance the mental skills of our children, including:

  • Memory
  • Concentration
  • Logic and problem solving
  • Planning and management
  • Strategy and anticipation 
  • Developing reading and math skills
  • Situational awareness
  • Mapping
  • Increase self-confidence

As for adults like me, I enjoy playing games as it helps me de-stress from a long day of work and chores. It also keeps my mind sharp especially if I am playing word games.

Free Browser-Based Online Video Games

The other week, I discovered, a site offering free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. I love it because first, it is web-based, so I don’t need to download anything that would eat up my gadget’s memory. Second, no paid upgrades. I don’t have to worry about my kid upgrading any apps on my phone (and charging my credit card!) while they are playing. And another thing, there are no ads! The games are smooth and easy to navigate without having to worry about techie issues.

So far my favorite games are the classic game Super Tetris (which brings me back to my childhood), Supermarket Simulation Game, and memory games for my kids like Angry Zombies (which is like Angry Birds).

Super Tetris

Supermarket Simulation

My top score. Haha!

Angry Zombies has a lot of game categories including Arcade, Board Games, Coloring, Drawing, Puzzles, Logic, Word, Strategy, and Memory.

My other recommended games for our kids are Bible Quiz and Mr. Bean Matching Pairs: Animated Cartoon Memory Card Game.

Bible Quiz

Mr. Bean Matching Pairs

If you are looking for games to supplement your homeschooling, or just to simply have fun and be entertained, check out Plays.Org. With more than 100 games on their site and always updating, it is a site worth bookmarking! 


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