Unleash Your Child's Imagination with Crayola Available on Shopee

More than thirty years ago (okay, you now pretty have an idea of how old  I am. Haha!), having a set of Crayola with 64 colors was a big dream of mine. I imagined how it would feel to hold that box. To touch it, smell those wonderful cylinders, and watch them glide on paper. Who wouldn't? Kids love crayons and I also enjoyed bringing colors to my books and artworks! Now as a mom of three kids, I always see the enthusiasm in my children's eyes whenever I buy them new boxes of Crayola. It brings me so much joy to see them unleash their creativity.

Why Is Coloring Important for Children?

Coloring is an important activity in early childhood development and let me share you why.

1. Coloring helps them strengthen their fine motors. As a pre-cursor to writing, children need to develop the muscles in their fingers, hands, and arms. Fine motor skills activity such as wringing clothes, playing with clay, and coloring help kids develop hand strength.

2. Coloring gives them practice for pencil grip. Before we can give our kids pencils, most likely we have offered them crayons. And it is right for doing so. As a mother who is always conscious of safety, I want my kids to practice pencil grip with crayons before using any pencils that can pose a hazard due to poking. Big crayons are our favorite materials during the toddler years as it is easier for their little hands to grasp.

3. Coloring helps them practice the habit of attention. Developing focus and attention of kids in what they are doing is an important skill they need not only for academics but something they can bring to adulthood. By coloring, kids can practice focusing on their work - from coloring within the lines, following directions, and finishing what they have started.

4. Coloring develops a child's creativity and self-expression. Studies show that children who are exposed to activities that encourage creativity fosters mental growth. Creativity helps us build new ideas, deal with change, handle problem solving, encourage critical thinking, and manage our emotional and mental health. 

Crayola has been my partner for years in helping unleash my kids' imagination. And because we can't go shopping out to mall as much as we want to, I am happy to let you know that Crayola is now available on Shopee! Get your trusted allies in creativity. Download your free Shopee app from the App Store or Google Play.

More great news! Crayola is offering up to 50% off on its Grand Launch in Shopee from October 26 to November 1!

Here are some of my top finds of Crayola:

Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Fine Line Markers, 40 Colors

Shopee crayola

Crayola Crayons, 24 Colors

Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers, 20 Colors

Crayola Silly Scents Chisel Tip Markers, 6 Colors

Take advantage of the grand launch sale and let's unleash our kids' imagination with Crayola!

Ate Z's Rainbow Sun.
She insisted on coloring her sun
with different colors using her Crayola.

What's your favorite Crayola product?