Going Crazy with Personalized Disney Photobooks!

Okay, I will admit that I am a huge Disney fan. I grew up watching Disney movies and TV shows that when I had my own kids, the very first movies and shows they watched were under Disney. It makes me smile every time I hear the kids sing Disney songs, specially my daughter who loves Frozen so much.

In May, I learned about the Disney promo of Photobook Philippines where you can create your own photobook and other merchandise with Disney designs! Kids were ecstatic and so was I. I downloaded the app on my phone and started creating our masterpieces.

photobook philippines

Disney Frozen - Icy Frost

This 11" x 8.5" Medium Landscape Perfect Bind Imagewrap Hardcover Photobook was perfect to house the photos of my daughter from her first year. She was so giddy with her Frozen photobook and shares it with relatives via video calls!

Disney Tsum Tsum - House of Love

These adorable twin pillows just liven up our living area!

Disney Cars - Speed Road

Our Bunso really loves his 17oz travel mug. He is big car enthusiast and fond of anything about cars. Since this mug arrived, he has not used any other cups. 

Disney Marvel  6" x 6" Kids Fun Book

Now this photobook is for free when Photobook Philippines had a promo. A number of my readers got their own photobooks as well. The square photobook was ideal for photos from Kuya's graduation and our little field trip at the Manila Ocean Park.

Were you able to get advantage of the Disney designs of Photobook Philippines?