Skeleton Model Kit for Kids

Studies have shown that children learn greatly through play. Hence whenever I get to have a chance to get the kids toys that will help them develop their curiosity, senses, and imagination, I often jump and purchase right away. A couple of months ago, we were gifted with a Skeleton Model Kit for Kids by Super Toys Store, an online store for educational materials.

Kuya V enjoyed assembling this kit and interestingly, the two younger kids are very much interested with the skeleton as well. In fact, last month when Halloween decors are up almost wherever we go, Bunso would point to a skull and tell that it is his Kuya's skeleton.

We realized that the hip bone was reversed in this photo. Haha!

Check out this video of our unboxing and assembling of this kit.


We are giving another box of skeleton model kit to a reader of this blog. Please complete the mechanics. Winner will be announced on December 10, 2019

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Good luck!


  1. Assembling this skeleton model might be too hard for a four year old but would want to try how far my little one can comprehend and use his logic. This might be a nice test to check my patience, too as well as our older brothers' patience. Surely they would want to join, too.

  2. I think this toy is perfect for my son. He likes to assemble and build things like his lego blocks. I'm into educational toys and this one is really a great find!

  3. I definitely give this to my crafty 2nd born. He loves tinkering stuff like me. I used to buy toys like this for his kuya before but it ended up I will finish it myself. Now its different with Z. He will start and definitely finish a project no matter what and will guard and take care of if for the rest of his life. 😍

  4. This toy is very educational amd my bunso love assembling toys like this , we also experience doing this, by a dinosaur image which my daughter bought a month ago and a figure of Paris Eifel Tower. We love to have this Skeleton and, its really exciting to assemble this

  5. Oh my learning while enjoying it 🤩 my eldest and daughter would love to assemble such and bonding narin nila 😊

  6. My eldest is 11, daughter is 5 and bunso is 3 🤩


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