DIY: Circle Counters

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucius

Learning and teaching Math concepts can be tricky most specially to young kids. Manipulatives are favorite learning tools used by teachers to explain concepts as it helps to demonstrate abstract concepts as well as engage students. These are concrete objects that students can see and hold to understand Mathematics.

I mostly used pompoms and food as manipulatives to demonstrate Math to Kuya V when he was 3-4 years old. We also got him link cubes, and last year, circle counters.

These past months, our baby in the house has started crawling, now cruising, and putting in his mouth anything that he touches. Ate Z plays with her Kuya's counters and there have been so many instances that she'd drop them on the floor or bring to the floor bed where the baby sleeps. Delikado. Baka makain ni Baby I.

Ate Z has been asking me to teach her and I knew I had to make adjustments and use new or other materials.

This gave me the idea of making our own circle counters that are bigger than what we currently use. Let me share with you this easy DiY.

Materials needed:
Karton (yung makapal) or illustration board
Pattern (you can use to make circles)
Scissors or craft knife

1. Open and lay flat your box on the floor.

2. Trace circles

3. Cut the circles

4. Paint the counters using tempera paints. I started making counters using the primary colors

5. Leave to dry

It's so simple, right?

Now you can use these counters for sorting, matching, and counting.

Check out Z's video here using these counters fir sorting:


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