Homeschool Hacks Ep. 2 : Art Materials

I have started a series of homeschool hacks videos so I can share tips I learned from homeschooling my kids. These are all based on our experience and may or may not have the same results as other families. It is my hope to help those who are exploring and/or have just started homeschooling their kids. The tips are applicable also for those who have kids that go to regular schools, and with young children like toddlers and preschoolers.

On the last episode of homeschool hacks, I discussed some tips on how you can save on paper and printed ink.

For this episode, I shared tips on buying art materials for your kids through a Facebook live session. These are just basics you need.

For babies and toddlers, a homemade paint is the best material you can give to youe child. You will just need 3 ingredients from your kitchen: cornstarch, water, and food coloring.

Just mix a portion of cornstarch and water in a bowl (put water gradually until you achieve your desired consistency) and stir. Drop a small amount of food coloring to the mixture and mix. This type of paint is not only safe, it also serves as a sensory activity for your little one.

Tip #2
For preschoolers, our favorite type of paint is tempera paint. This is non-toxic and washable on skin and clothes. So far the best brand we've tried is from Ma'am and Moms. I really liked the consistency and spreadability of their paints.

Buy paint brushes from your local bookstore or school supplies store. We currently have brushes bought from Expressions for 8-10 pesos each. Get the cheap but durable ones since your kids will be practicing strokes most of the time.

Tip #4
Quite frankly, buying paste is a waste of time for me. I bought several pastes before and they just don't stick. My son complained a lot then because his work gets ruined by non-performing pastes.

We prefer using non-toxic glue since these are better to use, not as messy as paste (in tube/tub), and gets the job done in sticking together our art masterpieces.

Tip #5
Don't be afraid to buy scissors for your kids. They need to strengthen those cutie fingers before they can write, and; cutting papers is one of those activities that can help.

Look for kiddie scissors that offers excellent grip to avoid accidents.

Tip #6
Use Manila paper or used newspapers to cover tables when doing a painting activity for easy cleaning.

Tip #7
(not in the video) Buy a waterproof apron for your kids. It is very helpful for preventing paint stains on their clothes.

Tip #8
For younger kids, it's enough to just get them the 8pcs colors per box since they only need to know the primary and secondary colors.

Tip #9
Get your toddlers a jumbo or triangle-shaped crayons. For preschoolers I suggest the Twistables by Crayola, this is the brand that lasted long before they broke. If you have budget, go for washable crayons.

Tip #10
For storage, ditch the boxes and get a plastic container with closure. You can store all your old, broken, and brand new crayons here.

Tip #11
Explore getting an activity subscription box. We have reviewed boxes here, here, and here.

They may be pricey so for those who are budget conscious, get 1 box first and gauge if it's worth it for your family.

You can watch the second episode here:

Please share in the comments below if you have tried any of these and if you have other tips!