We Joined a Virtual Homeschool Coop!

I recently joined an international virtual homeschool co-op on Youtube. It was started by Trish and each week we are assigned to answer a question either thru a blog post or a video. Locally, we are not part of any coop so this is new to us.

If you'd like to know more about the virtual homeschool coop, here are their links:

So far I've been able to film 2 videos - an introduction and assignment number 1. Quite frankly, I'm not comfortable in front of the camera, I prefer being behind the lens. And since the viewers of this community are not here only in the Philippines, I had to talk in English all throughout the videos. Although I can speak conversational English, I need practice since we don't frequently speak English at home. So please bear with my face and awkward glances at the camera. Haha!

Here are my videos:

If you're still not following us on YouTube, I suggest you do so you can receive notifications on new homeschool videos.

Till next time, ciao!