Zesty Australian Oranges

Did you know that oranges is considered a super fruit? It contains nutrients that paves way for healthier lifestyle. Try zesty Australian oranges!

Here are just some zesty facts about this super fruit:

  • 1 orange contains over 60 carotenoids that helps fight free radicals, an anti-cancer, and helps maintain a healthy immune system

  • oranges have high water content

  • high in potassium

  • low in sodium

  • contains baby-friendly folate (I so need this for Baby #3)

  • has antioxidants that help the ageing process in check

  • has dietary fiber that keeps our insides healthy and improves bad cholesterol

  • contains potent bundle of heart-healthy nutrients

  • has healthy plant compounds flavonoids

  • wards off snack cravings

Whoa! Oranges support our immune system, keeps our heart healthy, keep us look and feel young, and helps us maintain a balanced diet. If those reasons don't convince you to eat an orange a day, I don't know what will.

But not all oranges are created equal.
The best ones, of course, are sweet and delicious, untreated and fungicide-free.

Australia is known for producing world-class and great tasting oranges. Australian Oranges are guaranteed to be healthy, safe, and sweet. That's why I was so kilig when they sent over a bag of their oranges for us to try.

For 10 days, I ate a whole orange everyday. Not juiced, but the whole fruit to fully enjoy the benefits of this super fruit. I was already suspecting being pregnant when the goodies arrived but pregnancy tests showed negative then. I wanted to make sure that my body was ready for the new baby and knowing that these oranges are packed with folate was the answer to my prayer - good thing I ate these, confirmed my pregnancy after a couple of weeks!

Australian Oranges tastes so good and sweet, I ate more than an orange a day. And my kids who don't eat oranges that much because they find them too sour, kept coming back for more with Australian Oranges. They loved it so much that they ask for another after finishing one!

My husband also used Australian Oranges as a perfect healthy ingredient in one of his recipes: beef in orange pureé.

Now that oranges are back in season, get your Australian Oranges at Rustans and Robinsons Supermarket. With Go Aussie Oranges, you can enjoy discovering the health benefits above.

Live well with Aussie Oranges.