Homeschool YouTube Channel: Homeschooling V and Z

Yes!! We are now on YouTube! :)

I've been contemplating for a month if I should vlog about our homeschool journey instead of writing it. Our household has been so busy and the only time I get to write is when the chores are done and the kids are all asleep - which means madaling araw. And when that rare moment comes, ang hirap minsan mag recall ng mga activities namin and write about them. So I decided to take more pictures and now videos of how we homeschool so that others can hopefully learn a thing or two on how they can teach their kids at home. I have learned so much from other homeschool moms in the US who have YouTube channels and I want to return the favor by creating a homeschool YouTube channel specially for Filipinos.

Our channel will feature videos about our materials, activities, great finds, and other life-learning lessons. Please do visit our channel on YouTube: Homeschooling V and Z and don't forget to subscribe!

For the meantime, here are 4 videos that have been uploaded as of writing. Thanks again!