Preschool Homeschool | SY 2016-2017 Curriculum Planner

Last year, I shared here on my blog the DIY Kindergarten Curriculum Planner I designed and used. It worked for us as we independently homeschooled - our son, Little V. In the coming school year - which will start in a few days - we will be under a homeschool provider. Little V is officially enrolled in Kindergarten. We are taking the open curriculum path that the provider offers to have more flexibility which our family needs.

One of the tools that help us in our homeschooling journey is having a planner. It helped us stay on track and document our activities. As beneficial and pertinent as this document is, a lot of parents are either clueless, overwhelmed or simply or do not have time to create their own planners. This is why I'd like to share with you the planner that we will be using this school year. It still has the same elements from last year's planner but was developed and enhanced for easier usage. I hope and I pray that this will be of great help to you and your kids. :)

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To view and download the planner, click here.

Happy homeschooling!


Check out our curriculum planner on YouTube through our homeschool channel, "Homeschooling V and Z." :)