Conzace: The Most Trusted Multivitamin Brand from Unilab

I don't know with other parents, but since the day I became one, I have been more watchful of my health and safety. From diet, to cosmetics, personal products, and to medicines, everything is checked from the steps down to the last ingredient and their effect on my body and well-being. I always make sure that I get the best and safest product, after all my family deserves that I am always on top shape so I can take good care of them. I can't afford to get sick. All moms need to be super moms.

But like any other super heroes, this super mom has her downtimes and weaknesses. There are days that I get sick.

Although I try my best to plan out our balanced weekly menu, there are days when we eat unhealthy.  I'm a stay-at-home mom but when things get a little rough with chores and little time is left to prepare a meal, I turn to processed food that's quick to cook or I easily dial a "friend" - fastfood delivery. I specially love burgers and fries, unhealthy but those are my cravings. Cheat days, along with unbalanced meals, contribute to our insufficiency of the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals.

Our lifestyle needs help in order for us to keep ourselves healthy, that's why we take multivitamins. Not just ascorbic acid, but a daily multivitamins that would help boost our immunity. We used to buy Vitamin C but we have come to realize that we need more. We use Conzace multivitamin by Unilab.

Conzace is a multivitamin-mineral supplement specifically formulated for adults that has properties that helps improve the body’s immune system, to fight against sickness.

Conzace Formulation

Conzace contains vitamins A, C and E and the mineral zinc. These act as antioxidants that help protect the body against the damaging   free radicals. 

My husband and I have been using Conzace for years and we're glad that we haven't had any major illnesses. Conzace has helped us boost our immunity and helps me get a better sleep. I also have noticed that we recover faster from common illnesses like cough and colds whenever we take Conzace. It is our most trusted brand of multivitamin.

How about you, what's your most trusted brand?



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