How To: Renew Your Driver's License at DLRCs in Quezon City

Disclaimer: This how-to is based on my personal experience. Please check with LTO  for official procedures.

Aside from celebrating one's birthday, drivers also check their wallets every three years to see if their licenses are due for expiration. Mine was due this year so I decided to have it renewed before my birthday. I wanted to have it renewed at an LTO Drivers License Renewal Center (DLRC) in SM North since we would be going to the mall anyway.

DLRC SM North is at the ground floor of Northlink, just across the parking building and near a BPI branch. It was a Monday and when I got there at 9:30AM, the place was already packed. It was unfortunate that on that particular morning, the network of the center was offline and will be unable to continue their processes in renewing licenses. The officers have advised us either to wait for the system to go online or to visit other renewing centers. Those who have already had their medical exams completed can have their papers signed for endorsement to other DLRCs. 

I resolved to have my medical exam taken there and my papers endorsed to a different LTO office since the mall was not open yet and the medical exam area was conveniently located inside the LTO office. I paid Php200 (ang mahal ha!) for my medical and got a number for the queue. The exam took me less than 3 minutes. The medical officer checked my weight and eye sight by reading a snellen chart. Drug tests are no longer required.

Here are the steps in renewing your license:
1. Present your driver's license and get your Application for Driver’s License (ADL) form from Window 1.  The officer will verify that you’re eligible for renewal or that your license is not expired. 

2. Fill-out your form using YOUR OWN pen. So don't forget to bring one.

3. Proceed to your medical exam.

Since I will transfer to another DLRC, I had my papers signed for endorsement at Window 1.

In the afternoon, I went to the LTO DLRC in Ever Gotesco along Commonwealth Avenue. I read in a forum that it was best to go there in the afternoon between 3-5PM because there are less applicants during those times. Indeed, there were very few people inside the center when I got there at 3PM.

drivers license renewal
LTO Drivers License Renewal Center Ever Gotesco

4. Present your ADL, driver's license, and medical examination form with receipt to Window 1.

5. Wait for your name to be called at Window 5. Your picture and signature will be taken.

6. Your name will be called at Window 4 (Cashier) where you will pay your fees. The license fee will cost you Php350 plus Computer Fee of Php67.63, a total of Php417.63. Get your official receipt.

7. Your name will be called at Window 1 for releasing of your license. You will be asked to present your OR and sign a logbook indicating you have received your ID.

I was done with my renewal at Ever Gotesco in less than 20 minutes!

  • Bring your own pen.
  • To avoid penalties, renew your license before it is due. You can renew it, with no penalties, within 60 days before expiration date.
  • Call the DLRC office and ask when is the best time to visit them to avoid long queues.
  • Should there be any changes in the info on your license (e.g. address), an additional fee shall be applied.


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  2. did you get the card after the after a successful renewal or a few days/months after?


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