How We Taught Our Child to Read

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Our son, Little V, is homeschooled since birth; we are his first teachers. He started reading when he was 3 years old. In this blog post, I'll share with you how we taught our child to read.

How to teach reading

Note: This article will be released in parts. I will update this article as soon as I upload videos related to this topic.

Now I have a little disclaimer. We are not experts on child education, I don't even have any experience teaching kids prior to my own(except for a 1-time outreach program). I'm just a regular homeschool mom whose kid learned how to read under my wing. The things I'll share are from our own experiences. This may or may not work for you since all families are different, and each child is unique.

Tip 1: Develop Your Child's Auditory and Visual Perception and Discrimination

Before you can even begin teaching the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes, it's important to develop first your child's auditory and visual perception and discrimination. And you do this starting with a newborn.

Auditory and visual perception and discrimination is the ability of the person to identify and distinguish particular details of sounds and images in the environment. This skill is a precursor to reading.

How to do we develop this skill?
- baby: expose your baby to different sounds in the environment by having a constant verbal communication with him. In short, talk to your baby. Describe the painting on the wall, call his name while you're on the other room, explain every action you will do together like changing nappies, the meal you are preparing for him, etc. You can also use rattles, musical instruments, and songs. Show him books and read to him.

Toddler: Sing nursery rhymes, describe the environment, imitate sounds of animals, play musical instruments, conduct read-alouds

Preschooler: play puzzles, answer worksheets (Where's Waldo?, What's the difference between two pictures, look for items)

Tip #2: Develop your child's love for reading

Love for reading does not start when a child learns to read. For me it starts on the first book you opened and read to him. Like any other skill you learn, you need to have an interest first in that skill. We as parents must help in developing our child's interest, and eventually love, for reading. So how do we develop this?

- Read to your child everyday. There are a lot of studies out there that proves the benefits of reading to your child. I particularly prefer reading to them during day time than before sleeping at night just because inaantok na ako at minamadali ko pagbabasa kapag gabi. Haha! You can check my tips on choosing a storybook here.

- Be a role model. Kids love to imitate. Children who see their parents read books, newspapers, magazines, etc. become readers, too. Kids get curious and they, too, want to be able to read like Papa and Mama.

I didn't see my parents read books a lot but we grew up seeing them reading the newspaper. All of us their children now all grown-up are book readers.

- Prepare the environment.
One of the principles of Montessori is preparing the environment for the child that would facilitate and maximize independent learning and exploration. A child is free to choose his own activity, in this case, what books to read. That saying, make sure that his books are readily available. Placing books in bookshelves at their eye-level is a great example. Some put them in baskets or crates and place these on the floor. Or others would pre-select a few pieces for the week and place them on the kid's desk. Whatever works for your family.

To be continued.....

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